José Quintanilla

My house, my tree

I have always been drawn to those rural cottages accompanied by a tree that one frequently finds dotting the countryside of La Mancha, viewed from the distant perspective of the road.

This project features a series of photographs that explore the relationship between the house and the tree, and the space around them. Rational constructive elements versus chaotic, undisciplined vegetation. Humanity and nature, its integration into an unconsciously modified landscape, giving rise to exquisitely picturesque scenes of stunning, full-bodied beauty with forgotten stories tucked safely away in their innermost crevices. Territories of the rural world that turn their own transformation into mirrors in which we can observe ourselves, like scattered ruins, invisible to the unsuspecting traveller.

My house, my tree

Caja/edición que incluye el libro con todas las fotografías del proyecto y los textos de Irene Vaquerizo y Francisco Carpio, mas una fotografía enmarcada en tamaño 17 x 24 cm..  Edición: 20 Ejemplares

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