Alejandro Clavo - The Stendhal syndrome

El síndrome de Stendhal 8

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El síndrome de Stendhal 8

El síndrome de Stendhal 8

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Photographie, sans cadre

Alejandro Clavo

My projects are based on contemporary photography with the intention of inviting reflection beyond simple contemplation. There is always an aesthetic interest, but there is a need to persuade the viewer not only with visual thoughts. Starting from photographs, I narrate a story with common and recurrent fixed values in my work, such as the passing of time and the fragility of human beings. I am interested in how we relate each other, so I use a narrative speech that brings us closer to human behavior and how to transfer it to a contemporary art project. 

The Stendhal Syndrome

The contemplation of works of art in some beautiful architectural environments, and in a short space of time, can lead to the appearance of symptoms such as: palpitations, excessive sweating, a certain state of nervousness, anxiety, excitement followed by overt depression, and tremors. This alteration in human behavior, known as Stendhal Syndrome. To avoid such symptoms is a selection of key works in the classical art and its placement is proposed contraresten atmospheres such beauty. This way, you can enjoy masterpieces of art history, without fearing described as Stendhal Syndrome. This introduction serves to raise the real origin of this project: How to define the beauty in art. 


2016 Individual exhibition Stendhal Syndrome serie in the gallery 3C3 in Palma de Mallorca. 

2011   Exhibition Agnus Dei serie in the gallery Abaart in Palma de Mallorca. 

2011   Exhibition Agnus Dei serie in the gallery Espacio Foto in Madrid. 

2011   Participation in MadridPhoto2011 with the gallery Espacio Foto of Madrid. 

2009   2nd prize with the work "El acorazado Potemkin” film moments of the contest organized by Photo España. 

2009   Exhibition e la serie Blood en la galería online Espacio Kubiko. 

2008   Group exhibition Blood serie, in Welstenholme Project, Liverpool, including Liverpool-08 Biennial. United Kingdom. 

2008   Exhibition of objects-esculpture at the Art Fair in Madrid at the Palacio de Congresos. 

1997   Residence in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where I still work as art director in advertising and audiovisual sector. 

1981   Moved of residence to Madrid. Spain. 

1963   Born in Palma de Mallorca. Painters and ceramists both parents are the ones give me my first artistic training.

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